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Sonoma Valley

73% Malbec • Clone 595 17% Cabernet Sauvignon • Clone 337 8% Merlot • Clone 181 2% Cabernet Franc • Clone 214 • •

Production: 775 cases • Bottled: August 2016 • 18 Months in Oak

Alc : 14.8% •  pH: 3.78  •  TA: 5.4 g/L

Club Price: $54.40
Retail Price: $64.00

We chose the name Amoureux, a French word meaning "lovers," because this Malbec blend reminds us of when we first fell in love. We discovered Malbec while honeymooning in Sonoma; and to this day, it holds a sentimental place in our hearts and delights our palates. Our love affair with Malbec inspired us to plant it on our estate, Justi Creek Vineyards, and to create a unique blend that reflects our relationship. In Amoureux, the beguiling fruit of Malbec is enhanced by Cabernet Sauvignon's gentle tannins, the supple fruit of Merlot, and the piquant bouquet of Cabernet Franc. The wine offers a mélange of flavors and textures. Ripe blueberry, clove and nutmeg are intertwined with notes of vanilla, which come from 18 months of aging in European oak. The impression of ripe fruit continues on the palate, the wine rich and full with a long, velvety finish. It is altogether fun to drink, and we think it is just like us!


The Lasseter Family Winery estate in Sonoma Valley is rich in historical significance, encompassing organically farmed vineyards and an eco-friendly winery. Justi Creek Vineyards, part of the stunning 95-acre ranch on the outskirts of Glen Ellen, is comprised of three adjacent parcels of land, formerly parts of Rancho Vallejo and Rancho Los Guilicos. Nancy and John Lasseter embarked on an environmentally sensitive upgrading of their property, lovingly restoring the natural habitat and converting the vineyards exclusively to organic farming practices. The pond was completely revitalized, and beehives and insectaries were established in order to provide homes for beneficial insects. The certified organic vineyards are flourishing under the watchful eye of vineyard manager Phil Coturri. Today the land is alive and once again expresses this historical region's unique terroir. The Upper Bench Blocks are seventeen acres of benchland situated above the valley floor, on undulating terrain known locally as the "Glen Ellen Moguls." The fast-draining, cobbly soils of these blocks are ideal for the red Bordeaux varieties Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec; and they yield outstanding fruit with classic varietal characteristics perfectly suited to the Amoureux style: bold flavors, wonderful structure and a velvety mouthfeel.